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'Thorpie is a bit naive': Friends of Olympic swimmer Ian Thorpe fear he will be left heartbroken if new romance with boyfriend Ryan Channing doesn't work out 

It's his first public relationship since he came out in 2014.

And it appears things are going swimmingly for Ian Thorpe and his new boyfriend Ryan Channing after the couple were seen sharing a passionate kiss during a romantic pool date.

But close friends of the Olympic swimmer have since revealed concerns to the Daily Telegraph that the 'naive' athlete may end up with his heartbroken.

One pal told the newspaper: 'Thorpie is a bit naive and Sydney’s gay scene is certainly not for the faint-hearted.'

'He's naive': Ian Thorpe's friends have told the Daily Telegraph of their concerns te swimmer may end up with his heartbroken after his romance with Ryan Channing (pictured) was revealed on Valentine's Day


The friend added that they feared some potential suitors may see Ian as a 'different sort of conquest.'

They also suggested that the swimmer, who keeps his personal life very private, may take 'a very public break-up harder than most.'   



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