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How the Mail's share picks for 2015 performed and some punts for this year

Three high stakes small-cap stocks that performed poorly against the backdrop of a rather choppy year for the equity markets dragged down the Mail's model portfolio.

So, while the benchmark FTSE 100 fell 4.9 per cent in 2015, the City office's stock picks were off 10.2 per cent.

This time last year things looked a lot rosier with strategists forecasting the blue-chip index would breach 7,000 (which it did) and then motor on.

Ups and downs: See how the Mail team's predictions for last year fared and who they've picked for 2016


China put paid to predictions of a buoyant year for shares with its summer sell-off. 

It was no surprise then the riskier smaller stocks were swiftly jettisoned, while safe havens such as BT (up 16.3 per cent) were in demand.

Looking ahead, the performance of the world two largest economies (America and China) will direct sentiment and the oil wars have a few more months to run. 



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